When art meets technology...

Sound absorption and speakers embedded in a beautiful artistic wall chart. Wireless at all.

With our excellent sound technology, enjoy your music wirelessly! Made of most efficient large bandwidth speakers and lastest wireless technology, our audio acoustic art panel will conquer you!
High quality fabrics lets the sound free but make our printed artist proof beautiful rendered! And specific absorbing material remove all unpleasant reverberation. With a 0,8 coefficient for alpha-sabine at 1kHz, have a professional treatment!
Large choice between a lot of numbered artist proof of Arielle D. Each model is only print 10 times, each time numbered.


Compatible with Apple airplay system, to use our panel with your iPhone, iPod, iPad and PC / Mac!


Stream your music direct to the panel, listen to wifi radios, using opensource and powerful music player daemon.


Any compatible bluetooth device like phones, mp3 players can stream direct to Audio Acoustic Art Panel.


You don't need wireless technologies, so plugg your device to a non-wireless version of our Audio Acoustic Art Panel.

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